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The Gambia Teacher Prize

Nominate a Teacher  

Teachers: Download the application form here

The Gambia Teacher Prize is administered by the Namie Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) and The Gambia Teachers Union (GTU). The Gambia Teacher Prize celebrates and honors exceptional Basic and Secondary school teachers in all disciplines who have profoundly impacted the lives of their students and the field of education. The prize aims to recognize and celebrate the remarkable contributions of Gambian educators.

1. Nomination Process: Anyone can nominate a teacher they believe deserves recognition for their outstanding contributions to education. To nominate a teacher, Complete the nomination form.  

2. Application Process: The application process for The Gambia Teacher Prize contains the following three rounds. Applicants will be contacted after each round and notified if they have been selected to advance to the next round.

Round 1: Submission of required information - Due: 07/11/2023

Round 2: Regional interviews -  Early December 2023 

Round 3: Site visit to regional prize recipients’ school/classroom - Early January 2024

Applications and supporting documentation should be sent to 

Hard-copy applications may be dropped off in sealed envelopes at their Regional Education Directorate or GTU Regional Offices.

3. Selection Process: A selection committee, comprising educational experts, representatives from the Gambia Teacher's Prize Foundation, and community leaders. This committee will review the nominations and evaluate the candidates based on predefined criteria such as teaching excellence, community engagement, creativity, and impact on students' lives.

4. Prizes and Support: Recipients of the Regional Prizes will receive D50,000 each and the recipient of the National Prize will receive an additional D50,000. The recipients will also have opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing with educators and organizations within and outside of The Gambia. 


Obtaining the Application Form:

  • Digital Copy: Download the application form here.
  • Physical Copy: Application forms in hard copy can be obtained from the Regional Education Directorates or GTU Regional Offices.
  • GTU WhatsApp Group: Soft copies of the application form can also be obtained from the GTU WhatsApp group.

Thank you for participating in this initiative to highlight the outstanding contributions of teachers in The Gambia and to showcase their exceptional work in shaping our nation's future. Together, we can elevate the teaching profession and inspire a brighter future for our nation.


Submitting the Application Form:

  • Send the completed application and supporting documents to this email address:
  • Hard-copy applications and supporting documents may also be dropped off in sealed envelopes at Regional Education Offices or GTU Regional Offices.